Thursday, April 1, 2010

No, Sir!

Imagine a TV show or movie in which the protagonist is a young minority trying to work his way out of the 'hood. At some point, Hollywood being Hollywood, our hero is probably going to get hassled by the cops. And when that happens, we'll all cheer when he stands on his rights: "No, I don't consent to a search!" "Are you arresting me? Or am I free to leave?"

Shouldn't it be similarly heroic if a real-live CEO stands on his rights and tells Congressman Waxman, "No, sir!" in response to his summons to explain why his company is taking the unprecedented move of following FASB accounting standards?

And the reason the CEOs will show up and kowtow is analogous to why sensible, cautious minorities cave to repressive cops: otherwise, you end up getting arrested for a "broken taillight" or for "reckless driving."

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