Friday, September 10, 2010

Stupid Koran Tricks

So there's this dimwit (whose name I won't honor by putting in print) in Florida who wants to burn a Koran tomorrow. Stupid.

But what's nearly as stupid is the press coverage of it. Years ago, networks figured out that when some drunken sports fan jumps onto the field to make an ass of himself, the thing to do is not to broadcast his antics to millions of viewers across the nation. You studiously don't film it, talk about something else for a few minutes while security takes care of it, then get back to the game.

I suppose it's harder to do that here. This Florida pastor isn't doing anything illegal, so the police won't be hogtying him and marching him off to the drunk tank. And he can make as much noise as he wants to on the Internet and wherever else he can. But why help him by giving him free publicity? I'll do my part by not providing a name or link, although that's spitting in the wind considering that his name, church, and probably blood type are already in all media outlets.

It's kind of sad when the sports media is wiser than the rest of the media.

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