Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Early Returns Are In...

Toomey and Sestak separated by 2,000 votes. That one could go late into the night.

CNN just called it for Ron Johnson over Russ Feingold. Yea!!! Earlier today I was cleaning up some old email and realized that I was on a Feingold email list back into 2009. Reading over some of the emails I didn't even see Johnson's name mentioned six or eight months ago. Came out of nowhere and knocked off a Democratic stalwart. That one's got to sting.

Manchin winning in WV - too bad, but we saw that coming. He's been leading consistently in polls the last couple of weeks.

Buck losing in Colorado by 5%. Not good.

Exit polls just coming in from California and Washington - Fiorina down 53-43 and Rossi down 52-46.

And just saw Kirk up 48-47 in Illinois!

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