Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Poll Shenanigans

It's endlessly amusing to read Daily Kos' interpretation of poll results. And we're in for a treat this year, because according to Kos himself, they will be buying thousands of polls this year. So there will be plenty to interpret.

The latest laugher is this one, which breaks down like this:

In general, would you say that President Obama's views and proposed programs for the country are too liberal, not liberal enough, or just about right for the country?

Not liberal enough 10%
Just about right 42%
Too liberal 46%

Kos' interpretation is that this means a 52-46 majority that thinks Obama is either OK or needs to lean left.

Hopefully, the problem with this analysis is obvious, but if not I'll spell it out: I could use the exact same logic to argue that an 88-10 majority thinks Obama is either OK or needs to lean right.

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