Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Brown on the Jobs Bill

Newest Senator Scott Brown broke ranks with most other Republicans to vote for cloture on the new "jobs" bill (quotes added out of skepticism at what this bill will actually accomplish). I wrote this the day after Brown was elected:

[Brown] isn't going to become another Rick Santorum. In my opinion, that's a good thing. It's possible that Brown is close to my ideal candidate: fiscally conservative, socially moderate. He was elected primarily on the former, and we will have to see how he does. But even farther-right conservatives than I should be happy if he legislates around the middle of the party.

I'm not surprised to see Brown exercise his independence. It's slightly disturbing to see it come on a fiscal measure. And if he continues to vote for fiscal "stimulus" then that'll be a shame and I'll have to re-evaluate him.

But he'd have to commit an awful lot of sins before I'd regret supporting him, as long as the health care bill in its current form dies a final death.

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