Thursday, February 11, 2010

The GOP Bench

It's no earth-shattering revelation to note that while the GOP has a number of solid governors, senators, and Congressmen, it is lacking in obvious talent prepared to vie for the Presidency in 2012.

A recent Hotline poll shows Obama up by only 2%, 44-42, against the generic GOP candidate. Among potential GOP candidates, there is no clear leader. Here are my thoughts on the contenders in this crazy-early, not really worth bothering about survey:

Romney (14%): Great policies. Great look. Really boring. GOP should only nominate him if they want to run a decent losing campaign.
Palin (11%): Does not look like Presidential material to me. Could have a role as kingmaker, though.
McCain (7%): C'mon, seriously? This guy already lost to Obama once. How old should the GOP's candidates be?
Brown (4%): Well, he'd have more Senate experience in 2012 than Obama had in 2008.... But for realsies, let's see how he looks in a year or two.
Huckabee (3%): My nightmare GOP candidate. Would look like W on steroids if elected.
Gingrich (3%): I have a soft spot for old Newt. He served a great role keeping Clinton in check. And he's been a useful conservative voice since he left Congress. But I think his negatives are too great to be a serious contender.
Paul (2%): I have a soft spot for Ron Paul, too. I think this would be a better country if he had a prayer of being elected. But he doesn't.
Pawlenty (1%): I hear good things, but really have no idea.
McDonnell (1%): Like Brown, let's check back in a year.
Thompson (1%): Has a useful place in the GOP. Just not in the Executive branch.
Jindal (1%): A star in Louisiana politics, but not sure if his quirks work on the national stage.

If Marco Rubio notches a primary win against Charlie Crist and goes on to defeat Kendall Meek for Florida Senator, look for him to start showing up in these pools by mid-November of this year. There's one to watch.

Also, interesting that Giuliani didn't even register. Are his Presidential hopes dead following his dreadful 2008 primary campaign?

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