Monday, March 29, 2010

The Great Freak-Out Freak-Out

Kos himself freaks out about Kathryn Jean Lopez tweeting the following:

there are bigger fish to fry but the president's leg on the oval office desk is a jarringly perfect image of this administration's approach

Kos' understated, non-freaking-out response:

How is that jarring, other than the wingnuts still can't get over the fact that Obama gets to sit in the Oval Office?... Just when you think the fringe right has reached peak idiocy, they always manage to top themselves.

I guess Kos doesn't understand about symbolism, which was KJL's point. He also hasn't learned that this thin-skinned response to every mild criticism of his guys is not attractive. KJL offers a mildly critical observation; Kos responds with a hand grenade. But it's the right that are the wingnuts. Got it.

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