Friday, October 8, 2010

Congrats to Liu Xiaobo

This year's winner of the Nobel Peace Prize is a poke in the eye of China's Communist regime. Finally!

China is trying to block news of the announcement from its own citizens, using the Great Firewall of China and even radio jamming. They claim to be upset because Liu is a "criminal". But he's no murderer - all he's guilty of is "inciting subversion of state power", which is the sort of crime that in the United States is likely to get you elected. In China they throw you in jail.

I don't know much about Liu's story, but if China is throwing this big a hissy fit about his winning the Nobel Prize, he must be a good choice.

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  1. While I consider the Nobel Prize in general, and the Peace Prize in particular, to be a deeply corrupting influence on the intellectual world, I will say that this particular recipient appears to be more deserving than most.

    I mean, really: Yasser Arafat? Al Gore? Barack Obama?