Saturday, May 7, 2016

In Which I Cathartically Point Fingers

Trump Is the GOP's Fault

For years and years, the GOP has disappointed certain members of the base. First it was Bush 41 and "no new taxes", then George W. Bush and "compassionate conservatism". Then in the Obama era we nominated in John McCain a man many saw as a RINO and then in Mitt Romney a man who had championed a version of Obamacare when governor of Massachusetts. Anger built. The Tea Party was supposedly a response to that anger, and had some potential to change things. But Tea Party candidates were either defeated or, if elected, quickly co-opted into the dreaded establishment (whisper the word). Elements of the base grew increasingly disenchanted with Politics As Usual.

Enter Trump. No conservative. No angel. Not merely not politically correct but deliberately offensive. But he promised to overturn the apple cart, end squishy RINO-ism for good, and he found enough support running on that platform to win the GOP nomination.

Trump Is the Democrats' Fault

For years and years, Democrats have (usually unfairly) slandered GOP candidates for being racist, anti-woman, anti-working-class, etc. These attacks come as regularly as the sun rises in the east. You can set your watch by them.

Enter Trump. He actually is all those things. But the Left's boy who cried wolf routine has sapped the strength of their attacks, clearing the way for his ascendancy.

Trump Is the Modern World's Fault

For years and years, the world has been defining decency down. It was a minor scandal that Ronald Reagan had once divorced (he is still the only U.S. President ever to have done so). The public has generally punished politicians who attacked too vehemently, went after their opponents' families, or generally behaved in a way too different from what we usually view as public decorum. But in a world of internet trolls, sex tapes, and reality television, we seem to have become hardened to them.

Enter Trump. There was a time not that long ago when Trump's behavior would have kept him out of business altogether, not to speak of politics. Trump has divorced twice, and openly bragged of seducing other men's wives. Kennedy (and others) may have practiced seduction, but at least he had the decency to keep it a secret. Many of Trump's obvious negatives are thus blunted.

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