Thursday, July 8, 2010

World Cup

So it's Spain v. Holland in the final. I have to admit I'm torn on this one. The Dutch, with their centuries-long ties to England, are the closest to being my countrymen, so sheer familial respect prefers them. But the Spanish side, La Roja, is so great to watch.

Often in games like this I have to start watching and see where my heart finds itself rooting. It usually makes some pre-rational decision of its own. Let's just hope it's a good game... and that it doesn't end in penalty kicks.

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  1. I don't follow World Cup, but then I don't follow any professional sports. I just hope that rabid World Cup fandom doesn't make it here to the US, with its associated violence

    Did you hear about the German octopus and the Singapore parakeet who predict World Cup winners? The octopus is predicting Spain, while the parakeet is predicting Netherlands. One set of superstitious idiots is going to be disappointed, although it probably won't shake their faith. Unfortunately, another set of superstitious idiots will have their faith reinforced.

    Hey James, maybe there's a third possibility, like you keep saying in the coin probabilty argument...1/3 chance Spain wins, 1/3 chance Netherlands wins, and 1/3 chance....what?